Water heater vs winter. How to prepare your water heater for the winter

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With the entry of winter and weather to become cold, many people resort to using electric water heater. Every one should check water heater and make sure of their safety, which may lead to damage to lives and property. Water heater is an important electrical appliance for every person during winter season, whether it is […]


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As all of us have come to realize during these distressing times, the importance of hygiene and sanitation cannot be overstressed. The health, safety, and life of every human being on the planet are being threatened by the novel coronavirus called COVID-19. In such times, every individual is obligated to act responsibly and consciously. A […]


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Various levels of disinfection are possible for different scenarios. Hospitals, homes, offices require different types of disinfection taking into consideration if it’s a preventive or post-infection service. Clairvoyant offers the following types of disinfection services. Preventive disinfection service Intensive disinfection service Daily disinfection service Preventive disinfection service This is a one-off service available for offices […]

Reduce your DEWA bills in Dubai in these few steps

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If you’re a villa owner and you’re looking for reducing your DEWA bills in Dubai, this article is for you. One of the major household expenditures for most of us is our electric bill. And our electricity usage is a great place to start when we’re looking at how to lower our bills. The best way to start saving on your electricity costs is to get smart about how you use electricity.

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